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Bilingual·Foreign Business|效率要


Bilingual·Foreign Business|效率要增 排放要减

2018-04-26 18:33来源:经济日报运营/人力资源/年报

原标题:Bilingual·Foreign Business|效率要增 排放要减



ADB Operations Reach $32.2 Billion in 2017


BP sets out its commitment to a low carbon future


eBay and PayPal Finalize New Payments Agreement


Women Eco Game Changer Awards Announced Winners



ADB Operations Reach $32.2 Billion in 2017


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Annual Report 2017, released on 25 April, provides a clear, comprehensive, and detailed record of ADB’s operations, activities, and financial results over the past year.


Annual operations of ADB reached a record $32.2 billion in 2017, as the bank continues to meet Asia and the Pacific’s growing development needs, according to the Annual Report. This was a 26% increase from the year before.


The Annual Report 2017 presents a more comprehensive picture of ADB operations than the previous annual reports in terms of numbers and institutional data.


It provides expanded sections on financial highlights, sector and thematic work, and knowledge. ADB’s specific assistance to countries and regional programs, lists of trust funds and corporate reports, and organizational structure are also added.

亚行行长中尾武彦(Takehiko Nakao)表示,“2017年,我们开启了满足亚太地区发展需求的新篇章。

“We began a new chapter in meeting development needs across Asia and the Pacific in 2017,” said ADB President Takehiko Nakao.


“With the merger of the bank’s concessional Asian Development Fund lending operations with the ordinary capital resources balance sheet from the start of 2017, ADB has a solid capital base to support our operations going forward.”


BP sets out its commitment to a low carbon future


BP published a new report “Advancing the Energy Transition”,setting out its commitment to a low carbon future and to helping meet the dual challenge of providing the increasing energy the world demands while at the same time working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


In this report, BP examines how the energy world is changing, set out BP low carbon ambitions and show how BP is helping to advance the energy transition.


The report also sets out clear near term targets for limiting greenhouse gas emissions from BP’s operations, against which its progress can be measured. These targets are concrete, measurable and are intended to be met over ten years.


Even as it delivers plans to grow its business over coming years, BP intends to keep net greenhouse gas emissions from its operations at or below 2015 levels out to 2025.


It plans to achieve this by generating sustainable reductions in emissions throughout its operations, limiting the intensity of methane emissions from its oil and gas business, and through using carbon offset projects.


BP aims to generate sustainable reductions of 3.5 million tonnes of annual CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions throughout its businesses by 2025.


Improving energy efficiency throughout the businesses supported by new technology, limiting the emissions intensity of methane and reducing flaring of oil and gas are expected to deliver permanent and quantifiable reductions in emissions.


eBay and PayPal Finalize New Payments Agreement


eBay and PayPal recently confirmed the signing of a previously-announced agreement to offer PayPal as a way to pay on eBay until July 2023.


This new agreement builds on the payments partnership between the companies to make PayPal available as a payment option on eBay’s new intermediated payments model.


As previously announced, the new agreement between eBay and PayPal will ensure that PayPal as a form of payment continues to be available to buyers on the eBay marketplace.


PayPal as a form of payment includes payments through the PayPal payment button, as well as value-added services such as fraud detection and buyer protections.


PayPal continues to provide a comprehensive payments solution to eBay under the existing Operating Agreement through July 2020.


Women Eco Game Changer Awards Announced Winners

由全球绿色经济论坛发起的亚洲首个表彰可持续发展领域女性创新商业力量2018年度获奖名单日前在京揭晓。 四位来自亚洲不同文化、岗位及年龄段的杰出女性企业家获得“GGEF亚洲创新生态杰出女性大奖”殊荣。

Asia’s first awards promoting Sustainability & Women Empowerment in business, the GGEF Women Eco Game Changer Awards, initiated by Global Green Economic Forum(GGEF ), recently announced four winners for 2018, all of different ages, and from diverse cultures and roles.

来自泰国的Armelle Le Bihan因创办绿色建筑咨询与工程服务公司Technisoft斩获“创新生态亚洲之星奖”。

The Eco Star of Asia went to Armelle Le Bihan, who set up Technisoft, a green building consultancy and engineering firm in Thailand.


Zhang XiaoDan, General Manager at the China Environmental United Certification Center, won the Social Eco Game Changer for her years of dedication to environmental labelling.


Ni Huan, founder of Shanghai Green Light Year Environmental Service Center, was awarded the Eco Innovator in recognition of promoting renewable energy technologies within the communities.


To inspire young Chinese women to build a more sustainable living environment, this year GGEF also gave one additional award, the Eco Star of China.


Zheng Xiaoting, from Zhejiang Province, is the first recipient of this honor. Her Quzhou Chuangwei PCO has found an environmentally-friendly method of pest control where they managed to control huge termite populations, using her eco-friendlier approach.


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